Black Falcon 4K Drone Review: Is It Safe To Purchase? The Truth!

By Robert Nelson

Are you trying to find a drone that can record beautiful 4K aerial footage? Do you want a drone that is inexpensive, robust, and simple to operate? The Black Falcon 4K Drone review may be of interest to you if any of these questions apply to you.

Currently one of the most popular drones available is the Black Falcon 4K Drone. It boasts a long battery life, a strong camera, and a stylish design. It also has a ton of features that make flying safe and enjoyable.

If you want a drone that can produce amazing 4K videos and images, you shouldn’t pass up the Black Falcon 4K Drone. It features an excellent camera, a steady gimbal, an extended battery life, a GPS, a smart controller, and an app that works with it. It is also enjoyable to play with, safe to use, and simple to fly.

We will go through the Black Falcon 4K Drone features in-depth and explain why it is the greatest option for your drone photography requirements. We will go through the advantages, characteristics, capabilities, and modes of the Black Falcon 4K drone.

What Is Black Falcon 4K Drone?

The website, states that it has a 120° wide-angle 1080p HD camera to record your travels and memorable moments. With a top speed of up to 30 miles per hour, it also claims to be the fastest drone of its size. I’ll be discussing my experience with the Black Black Falcon 4K Drone review.


Specifications of the Black Falcon 4K Drone

The following are the Black Falcon 4K drone specifications:

  • Composition: Polymer
  • Shade: Black
  • Dimensions: folded: 8 x 6 x 6 cm, unfolded: 15 x 15 x 6 cm
  • 180 g in weight
  • 12-megapixel, 4K resolution camera with a 120-degree wide-angle lens and a 3-axis gimbal
  • 2500 mAh battery with a 25-minute flight duration and a 2-hour charging period
  • Controller: 5-inch LCD screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, headless mode, compass calibration, camera settings, and flight modes; one-key takeoff and landing
  • App: Black Falcon 4K Drone; works with both iOS and Android devices; requires Wi-Fi; offers follow-me, orbit, gesture control, virtual reality, and social media sharing modes.
  • Altitude hold, go home, waypoint flight, gesture control, follow me, and orbit are among the available flight modes.
  • 500 m range; 40 km/h speed
  • LED Lights: Front and back
  • Attachments: USB cable, landing gear, screwdriver, propellers, and user guide


I bought this Black Falcon 4K Drone review to see what all the hype was about, and I have to say that I regret not following my gut’s advice to not waste my money because that’s exactly what I did. The drone battery only lasts for five minutes, and most of the time it takes a long time to connect.

If it is higher than five meters, it also loses connection, falls off, and produces a very grainy image. After conducting some research, I discovered that all of the websites that are selling this drone are fake and were made as recently as December 2021.

I should not have ignored this warning sign because I don’t want anyone else to become a victim. Additionally, there are also reviews from other customers complaining bitterly about this drone.

Things You Should Know About Black Falcon 4K Drone Before Buying?

  • It’s crucial to understand right away that this drone is not as expensive as it seems.
  • Secondly, the drone’s image quality is poor and does not match the description. Furthermore, the drone is brittle.
  • Thirdly, the drone is made in China, and you’ll also notice that the manual instructions are translated straight from Chinese when you receive the drone. There is also Chinese text in the App Error messages.
  • Although they purport to provide a money-back guarantee, the customer support team never responds to calls from customers and does nothing to assist them.
  • The Drone’s previous name was Blackbird 4K, but they later changed it to Quadair, this is a huge red flag.

What Advantages Does the Black Falcon 4K Drone Review Offer?

Several advantages set the Black Falcon 4K Drone apart from other drones in its price range. The following are some of the Black Falcon 4K drone primary benefits:

♦️ Excellent Camera: 

The Black Falcon 4K drone has a camera that can capture videos at 30 frames per second in 4K resolution. This implies that you will be able to record your surroundings in all their color and detail with crystal-clear clarity. Additionally, you can shoot 12-megapixel images in either JPEG or RAW format.

You have more freedom and control over post-editing image editing when you use the RAW format.  Moreover, the camera has a wide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view, which is perfect for taking pictures of landscapes and other scenic subjects.

♦️ Stable Gimbal: 

The 3-axis gimbal on the Black Falcon 4K drone stabilizes the camera and gets rid of any shakes or vibrations. You may also tilt and pan the camera up to ninety degrees with the gimbal, which expands your creative possibilities and shot angles. Additionally, even in windy or fast-moving situations, the gimbal makes sure that your footage is steady and fluid.

♦️ Fun and Versatile: 

The Black Falcon 4K drone is a fantastic tool for photography and videography, but it’s also a fun and adaptable device with a wide range of uses. More features and capabilities, like the follow-me, orbit, gesture control, and VR modes, are available through the Black Falcon app.

The drone can track and follow you or any other object you choose when it is in the follow-me mode. The drone can circle an object or point of your choosing when in orbit mode. With the gesture control mode, you can maneuver the drone with basic hand movements like pointing, waving, or forming a V. Using a VR headset or pair of goggles, the VR mode allows you to see the drone’s perspective in three dimensions.

What Are the Black Falcon 4K Drone Drawbacks?

Since no product is flawless, you should be aware of the Black Falcon 4K drone shortcomings before making a purchase. The following are some of the most frequent grievances and problems that people have voiced regarding the Black Falcon 4K drone, based on online searches:


👉 Short Battery Life: 

Although the Black Falcon 4K drone specs state that it can fly for up to 25 minutes, some users have found that it only lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. If you want to shoot longer videos or fly farther, this can be annoying. If you want to extend your flight, you may need to purchase additional batteries or bring a power bank.

👉 Difficult to Control:  

Even for inexperienced pilots, the Black Falcon 4K drone should be simple and safe to operate. Nevertheless, a few users have expressed dissatisfaction over the drone’s lack of control and tendency to veer off course. Crashways, losses, or damage may arise from this. To guarantee a steady and precise flight, you might need to frequently calibrate the drone and the compass or change the controller’s sensitivity.

👉 Blurry and Shaky Video Footage: 

even though the Black Falcon 4K drone has a 4K resolution camera, some users have complained that the quality of the footage is not up to par. The gimbal’s restricted range of motion, the camera’s low frame rate, and the drone’s instability in windy conditions are a few of the causes of this. If you want professional-caliber footage, you may need to edit your videos or use a different drone.

👉 Numerous Component Failures: 

Although the Black Falcon 4K drone is composed of sturdy plastic, it is not unbreakable. Certain users have reported that after minor crashes or regular use, the drone’s parts, including the propellers, motors, camera, and battery, have broken or failed. To resolve the problems, you might need to contact customer service, to replace or repair the parts.

👉 The Drone Arrived Already Broken or Defective:

Some users have reported that their Black Falcon 4K drone arrived damaged or defective and that they discovered this when they opened the packaging. This might be the result of subpar quality control, shipping, or packaging. You might have to deal with the inconvenience of the customer or return the drone and request a refund or replacement.

The Black Falcon 4K Drone: How to Operate It?

Even for new users, the Black Falcon 4K drone is simple to operate. The following are the basic instructions for operating the Black Falcon 4K Drone review:

  • Charge the Controller and Battery.

While the controller takes about an hour to fully charge, the battery takes about two hours. To connect the controller and battery to a power source, use the included USB cable. LED indicators on the battery and controller display the power level and charging status.

  • Install the Propellers and the Landing Gear

There are four landing gears and four propellers in the package that you need to mount on the drone. The A and B markings on the landing gear and propellers match the A and B motors on the drone.

Be sure to use the appropriate motors for the landing gear and propellers, and fasten them firmly with the included screws. To tighten the screws, use the screwdriver that comes with the package.

  • Switch on Both the Controller and the Drone.

The drone and controller should beep and light up after you press and hold the power button on them for a short while. Automatic pairing and connection between the drone and controller will occur. The controller’s LCD screen displays the drone’s current status as well as its settings.

  • Calibrate the Drone and the Compass

To guarantee a steady and precise flight, you must calibrate the drone and the compass before taking off. Place the drone on a level, flat surface and press the controller’s calibration button to get it calibrated.

The drone’s lights will flash and it will beep. After that, turn the drone’s horizontal 360-degree rotation until the lights solidify. After that, rotate the drone 360 degrees vertically until the lights go out. It’s time to calibrate the drone.

Press and hold the compass button on the controller until the drone beeps and flashes its lights to calibrate the compass. After that, turn the drone’s horizontal 360-degree rotation until the lights solidify. After that, rotate the drone 360 degrees vertically until the lights go out. It’s time to calibrate the compass.

  • Fly the Drone

Press the controller’s one-key takeoff button to start the drone. After turning on its propellers, the drone will take off. Control the drone’s direction and altitude with the left joystick, and rotate and speed with the right joystick.

Additionally, you can modify the camera settings, flight modes, and return-to-home features using the buttons and knobs on the controller. Press the controller’s one-key landing button to bring the drone to a stop. The unmanned aerial vehicle will descend and make landfall.

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