How to Prevent Hair Fall? Tips and Techniques to Avoid!

By Dr. Joseph

Prevent Hair Fall: The condition known as frizz occurs when a single hair strand or a group of hair strands stand out from the rest. It frequently results in an ugly, textured, and unkempt appearance that is difficult to carry.  Even though dry or damaged hair is the main cause of this phenomenon, numerous other factors can also be involved.

What Are The Reasons Behind Frizzing Hair?

Frizzing is mostly a result of environmental factors, which include things like

🔸 Absence of Moisture: Hair devoid of moisture tends to stand out and look disheveled.

🔸 Humidity: Hair follicles absorb more moisture than is necessary when the environment is humid. Frizz may result from the hair cuticles expanding as a result of this.

🔸 Damage to the Cuticle: Heat-emitting hairstyle tools and chemical treatments can damage the cuticle, making it stand out.

🔸 Genetics: Genetics determines our hair’s type, color, and quality. It’s common knowledge that some people are born with silky hair, while others have frizzy hair.

🔸 Lack of Hair Care: It’s normal for a few strands to stand out and act frizzy when you don’t take care of your hair.

How Can I Prevent Frizzing in My Hair?


You can prevent frizz in your hair by doing these steps:

Use a Shampoo Without Sulfates
Shampoos frequently contain both chemical and natural ingredients. On the other hand, some shampoos have a high sulfate content, which may alter the moisture content of the hair.  This may result in frizz in the hair, which makes styling challenging.

Condition Regularly 
People frequently underestimate the significance of conditioning. An essential part of your hair care routine is selecting the appropriate conditioner for your type of hair. To keep the natural oils in the follicles of one’s hair, condition it after shampooing. To aid in your hair’s recovery from frequent exposure to pollution, think about deep conditioning it once a week at the very least.

Avoid hot water
Hot water has the potential to scorch the roots of hair follicles. To prevent the quality of your hair from declining, wash it with lukewarm water. Prevent Hair Fall

Pat Your Hair
You must dry your hair carefully. Always think about using a soft tissue or microfiber towel to reduce the frizz that shampoo use causes, especially after taking a bath.

Put On A Leave-In Conditioner
The needs of the times have changed the course of history.  Exposure of hair to environmental pollutants occurs frequently. As a result, you ought to think about getting a leave-in conditioner that can control the frizz and continuous hydration as soon as it hits the hair.

Employ A Broad-Tooth Comb
The hair strands’ struggle to break free can produce a lot of friction when using a narrow-tooth comb. But by giving the hair strands adequate room to wiggle, using a wide-tooth comb can solve the issue.

When you sleep, keep your hair safe.
Avoid having your hair fall out while you sleep by using silk or satin pillows. Generally speaking, there is a higher likelihood that our hair will play tug-of-war while we sleep, which is not good for the hair follicles.

Limit The Use Of Hot Styling Items
You might be surprised at how much heat can harm your hair. But styling your hair plays a big part in how you look, so heat tools like blow dryers and straighteners are essential.  One small way to lessen their damaging effects on hair follicles could be to use styling tools that have heat protectants.

Choose the Correct Hair Products
Selecting hair products based on your hair type is a difficult but necessary step if preserving hair strands is your ultimate objective.

Consume Healthfully
Scientists believe that eating may even positively alter the texture of your hair, influencing the type that you may end up with. Prevent Hair Fall

Conclusion: Prevent Hair Fall

Finding the ideal blend of hair products may take some time, but you should give yourself enough time to consider your options. If you’re having trouble, you can always see a dermatologist, who can assist you with your hair’s texture and any concerns you may have.

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